Privacy Policy

Sovereign Radiology respects the privacy of our patients. Our policy regarding the handling of personal information complies with the National Privacy Principles for the fair handling of personal information as set out in the Privacy Act, 1988. We are required to demonstrate these high standards of confidentiality in order to achieve accreditation under the Australian Government’s Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme.

Sovereign Radiology will only collect information that is necessary for health purposes as provided by you and your referring doctor, and should not be unreasonably intrusive. Sovereign Radiology will use every endeavour to ensure that the information provided to us remains private and is used only for the purposes agreed by our patients. We will never sell or disclose confidential/personal information about our patients to drug companies or other health organisations who are not involved in your medical care. In addition to your personal details, the health information that Sovereign Radiology collects includes the results of tests conducted by us. These results are usually contained in the report prepared by our radiologists after your examination. This information is then passed on to the referring practitioner.

Sovereign Radiology will only use or disclose your health information for the primary purpose for which it was collected, and for related secondary medical purposes which are within your reasonable expectations, or for which you have given consent.

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